Katzenberg Kennel


We are Siamese..If you please...

Here are a few pix of our siamese cats. We have both the old time apple headed,and the new type called extreme.

Our cat page will be under construction for a bit so please enjoy our pix while we build. Thank you.

The Incredible Mr. Ripley!!


Here is our resident HAM! Ripley has to get into almost every shot where there is action going on. On this day we were shooting holiday photos for the dogs.Well it just wouldn't be right if he didn't do his thing too! Nice pose Rippers!

Here is one of our queens by the name of Spindles. and of course...




 Here are three of our queens. Jasmine blue point, Spindles seal point and Thin Lizzy sealpoint (background). How could this have happened? Where is the incredible Mr. Ripley?




Another of our sealpoint females.Sweet Gypsy Rose!





We do also raise a few select litters of Oriental Shorthair cats. Here is a chocolate female by the name of Hershey. She,along with her extreme chocolate sister Nestle', belong to my sister. Check out those ears!


Here now, are the fab five!

A litter of lovely siamese babies.

Want one?



Taking it to the extreme! Here a a couple of our extreme babies, and once again Ripley. All sleeping on a sleeping John!

Note the VERY wedge-shaped head on our extreme siamese. The difference between the apple-head,like Rippers, and the babies pictured here IS indeed extreme to the utmost!

We will be adding to this page as we go, we have more photos and Pedigrees for the cats so please bear with us.

King Ripley opening his Christmas gifts! And everone elses!






Spiderman and Ripley under their own tree!

We wouldn't THINK of spoiling OUR babies!






I can't Imagine WHY we would call this kitten "Spider" can you? Would you just LOOK at those legs??!!


One more of Spidey's profile..

He is a wonderful example of this type of siamese.


Please contact us for more information concerning these cats. We will be happy to answer any questions that you may have. Thank you.