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You are now entering the Schipperke zone!!!

Here's the same video as the one on our new arrivals page we just wanted to share these cuties with everyone!

Were available right this very minute! 1-30-09


And NOW a few facts...

Hello there! If you are on this page it is for one of these two reasons..You either know WHY you are or you are just dying of curiosity.

Interestingly enough, there are many people that have no idea just what a Schipperke IS. Well we hope that you enjoy your tour around this page and we will try to explain just what this breed is and why we are so in love with them.

The little barge dog as it is commonly known originated in the country of belgium in the 1800's. it was mainly used as a ratter to control populations of mice and rats on these ships on their long journeys over seas. The originators of this fiesty little breed began to take note of it's intense bravery in almost ANY situation. This is a trait that has stayed prevalent up to todays schips.(pronounced skips) These little devils as they were nicknamed, are a stout broad chested dog and have a thick opulent hair coat. They are commonly found with the black coloration, but have been seen in the following colors..Chocolate,White,cream, and very rarely blue however black is predominant. They are an attractive little dog with tight pointed ears carried in an always alert position. They have the personality of the larger breeds of dogs therefore making them an excellent watch dog and a brave little adversary to some of the biggest breeds. They are not shy nor are they nervous. They are a wonderful companion and can be trained to do almost anything. Please enjoy the photos of our babies. You will soon see just why we love them so much!   Thank You. John & Cindy Katzenberger/ Katzenberg Kennel


Our Very First Little Schipperke

Below is the love of our lives ...Ebony Scrooge

She has left us now but will forever remain in our hearts. She gave us wonderful show babies and pet babies and just gave our home that extra special joy that only a true family member can. We love and miss you Scrooge! Pictured here at age 13. Just as naughty as age 1!!!

Here we see the little Scrooge getting ready to have her "daily" treat! See? They really DO think they are big dogs!








Sires, other dams, and PUPPIES!!

Our website is in it's infancy, So our pedigree pages and registration names will be included at a later date. Thank You..Please enjoy the photos !


Schips have been likened to baby bears...What do you think?





Here now is one of our boys , Robert.

He is pictured at approximately 6 weeks old. How can you resist that baby?





Here is an adventurous little soul ..and friend George. His owners live in Eagle River WI. and named him Skippy. It's like he's saying "c'mon the water looks great!"


We'll never know if George went in..but we think hiking was next on Skippy's agenda!


Remember Scrooge's halloween picture? Well this is Wyatt, and he truly DOES look a bit spooked!Wyatt sired many a nice baby! Very intelligent eyes.


Here is one of our pet schips.her name is Nimble Nikki. She looks proud as she has just graduated her obedience school.(hence the bowtie)





 One of our sires Robert

IN JAIL! OH NO! He don't mind really..ha ha! he has the personality we really like Bold and intelligent!







Pictured here is our top producing dam CH. Barcarole's Jetset Ramoma Lisa..aka Mona. And her daughter EBM I'm Lady Enola Jetset. Mona was one of the best bred bitches we had the pleasure to own. After her retirement she went on to be a spoiled brat that LOVED to go Bicycle riding with her new owners...

See? She seems to be smiling as if to say.. this is why Im a chubba chubba! Needless to say her new family fed her well.





"OHHH the sun is SO bright!"

This is Enola, Mona's daughter. She holds her weight a bit too well like Mom! She has a lovely coat and a wonderful jabot.


  hey were getting a bit too big for this..Oh you mean we arent supposed to be IN here?





The Shipperke's eyes have just so much to say.

take ME home!







This baby Exhibits all the finer qualitys that we like to see in this breed.








here I am Your's truly, with one of my wonderful males.

this dog has a lovely everything!!!





if you think you would like to own one of these cuddly bear cubs, please see the contact us page.



Thank you for visiting our Schipperke page. We have puppies available on occasion to only the most discriminating buyer.This truly is one of the most wonderful of all breeds!!!

A Few pix of a favorite daughter .

this is Our foundation bitch's favorite baby girl. Taking the show world by storm. Her name is Sail and sail she did...right into the ribbons!


This is sails family with her owner handler and Basically her Dad.



Here now are just a few of her honors..so far.....


























 Congratulations from us to you  George and Sail...there are so many more, but we have to save room for pedigrees!!!!!!