Katzenberg Kennel



Please enjoy our lovely photos of our dogs! 

Here now is the sire of our male.

CH.Guardian's High Roller.

Just a great example of his breed.

He has the looks desired and the temperament to match! We think so!

Next, is our sire to the majority of our shepherds we raise. We strive for superior quality in our breeding program. This is Our boy Ike. Better known as Northwood's Ike Von Katz! His temperament is very stable and his intelligence is outstanding!

Our German Shepherd Dam

This is a photo headstudy as the last one of our bitch Irma. Better known as Northwood's Irma Von Katz. She is a german bred female where as our Ike is an American type.

The Lovely couple...

Oh to be able to lounge in the warm sun! How divine!

Our next photo is of our newest addition. She is as black as the night and as funny as the day is long.

We call her Ebony or Ebbers ,if you will. We love the color black and have chosen the name "ebony" for more than one of our dogs. This girl is developing nicely and we hope to integrate her in to our program in the future. And so without further adeiu..Presenting Ebbers:)  Pictured here with her little Smooth Fox terrier baby, slash" best friend in the whole wide world!!!"...Click!

Click will be featured on pages to come.

Some of our puppies by Ike and Irma...More pics to come soon!

Here are a few pix of Puppies we have sold and some who still reside at Katzenberg Kennel. If you are interested in a baby please see our contact us page. This bunch is growing like weeds. They are super socialized and Superior show quality!

More puppy PIX!

Sheperds ,sheperds and more shepherds!!

This is Jordan

Irma baby






Such a sweet lil' baby dont you think?



Irma baby









Fancy gettin a treat









Zara and Kodiak








Zara pup











Now do I LOOK like I want to be bothered?






Ch male out of our original Ebony.








The one and only Original Ebony(shepherd)

She is the present Ebony's namesake.