Katzenberg Kennel


Here are a few casual pictures of all of us.

This is one of our barn kitties. Believe it or not even our barn babies carry the blood of the siamese cat. isn't he a cutie?






Here is one of my husband's babies! this is a 1989 if you can believe that. He restores vehicles in his spare time. He is very good at it!



Threesome of Schipperkees.






A wonderful photo of barn swallows getting ready to fledge. I think they are a lovely bird. How DO they avoid the barn kitties though?



Lazy bones! Gee, who is this? Ha ha ha!





Here is a classic BMW bike that belonged to my late brother Rod. John is lovingly restoring this beauty as well,in his honor.

Torn down bike...work  like this is very rewarding for John.





Paint fumes getting to you honey? Backaway from the sprayer! he is very good at what he does! great sense of humor too!


Irma as a young bitch showing her "tender side"

Harmony in our home is paramount. All our animals exsist quite well in the same enviroments.

We like that!


An older picture of John holding our Irma as a puppy. He really is the sheperd fancier of the family. He had this breed growing up. His heart dog was named Dallas.


 Are YOU lookin at US? well are ya? We know your lookin at us....




here's a picture that belonged on the Smooth Fox terrier page . OOPS! Mannee with a litter by who else but the great Sticker!



Other residents of Katzenberg Kennel.

The pony of the Americas otherwise known as the POA has been a mainstay in John's life. John in his youth won numerous awards aboard his cherished POA mare, Darlin Jill. These accomplishments can be viewed in a book called the POA. John's parents own the renouned J&N Farm where growing up with this breed John became a well known horseman. He also does farrier work. A man of many talents!

Pictured here is the last filly by that mare Darlin Jill.

Darlin as she is called is on the left . Mighty colorful filly!





 Darlin's right side.








Darlin's near side. Rita in the background.






So Long For Now...


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We will also be posting our pedigree page with links in the future. See you soon!

John and Cindy Katzenberger!